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I’ve added a lot more photos and sadly I’ve not worked on my website in a while. I did work on my bachelors degree and I’m starting to live Windows Azure Mobile Services. Sending raw notifications with a custom payload is really great. Not sure though that I’m using best practices, but it’s coming along great.

dark trees by Robert Iagar on 500px.com
dark trees by Robert Iagar

More photos at 500px. Thanks for the support. I’ll keep you posted.


new photos and updates

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the site is moving along great. most of the initial design is done, though there’s pretty much work on the back-end. i’m trying to build a blog platform on ASP.NET which is not quite that easy, but I learn. should be fun to do.

on a different, but related to the tile note, I’ve taken some new pictures. you’ll find them on my 500px profile

as usual here’s a preview: bloom by Robert Iagar on 500px.com
bloom by Robert Iagar

more updates on the way…

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website work started

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I’ve started work on my website. So far so good. I haven’t quite figure out what will be on it, but I have a general idea where I’m going with it. I’ll be making a custom blog and RSS just to learn how to create a .NET Blog. I know there are framework already out there that do this, but I want to do this for myself. How hard can it be?

The site will also function as an online resume and will feature all my personal projects or project ideas that I had, have and going to have in the future. I’m not sharing my work so far. Not until I’m happy with the overall design and features.

In the mean time, I’ve posted some new photographs over at 500px. The one below is my favorite.

attention by Robert Iagar on 500px.com
attention by Robert Iagar
Enjoy and until next time, signing off…

new photographs

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I think I can finally say that I’ve got that good to call some of these photographs. Even though some are made by my girlfriend, she did a very good job at it.

blur by Robert Iagar on 500px.com
blur by Robert Iagar

more photos here: http://500px.com/RobertIagar